Annual Community Club Meeting – Madison County Ag Extension Office

Held Thursday October 8,2015 and hosted by the Agricultural Extension Office in Madison County, NC.

Members of various community clubs of Madison County gathered for a potluck dinner on Thursday evening to share a meal, enjoy mountain music performed by Madison County’s talented FFA students, and to discuss their goings-on, fundraising endeavors, and events to support local needs.  Clubs shared photos of their events from this past year.

Highlights include:  A new restaurant at the Spring Creek Community Center, firewood collection for elderly families in need by the Upper Laurel Community Club, an astounding amount of volunteer hours provided by Walnut Community Club for the building of a new family retreat center, and a Christmas Light Competition hosted by the Revere-Rice Cove Community Club.

Also highlighted was the Ebbs Chapel Performing Arts Center located in the Upper Laurel Community.  Events are hosted to support Appalachian Arts and community outreach.

A $100 prize was awarded to the community club with the most members present.  This year’s prize was awarded to the Upper Laurel Community Club, present with 26 members.


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